FAQ: Smart Review Reminder

Smart Review Reminder
Are there any ready reminder templates?

Yes, there is a default product review email notification template which you can use to send review reminders to your customers in System > Transactional Emails. You are free to customize this template or create new ones.

Can a review reminder be sent automatically once the order status is changed to “completed”?

Yes, of course. A product review notification can be send automatically, which is one of the core features of this extension.

Can I see the stats of the review reminder emails sent with this extension in Google Analytics?

Yes, there is a special option to add UTM tagging to the product URLs found in review reminders. Read on to see how to set the option.

Can I send a coupon code to a customer only after they leave a review?

This is a wise decision since you are ready to give a discount only for a review. There is an option to activate a coupon code only after the review is approved and published and send a notification. Go on reading to learn how to activate the option.

Can I send reminder emails to past orders for a particular period?

Yes, it’s definitely possible with the store review extension using the 'Generate Reminders for Last (days)' option. To see all the settings read on.

Should a customer have an account in my store to get a review reminder?

With the use of the extension, you can also get guest reviews, as the module can send emails to guest users as well. 

What happens when there is an order with more than one product?

In this case a customer will get 1 email with multiple links to leave reviews.

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