Amasty Product Subscriptions

When does Amasty launch product subscriptions?
Starting February 1, 2022, we are launching product subscriptions. All products within new orders will become available by subscription only, replacing the old “one-time-payment” model.  Learn more from our official press release.
What does a product subscription include?
Our product subscription includes: lifetime access to the original code base; availability of all Magento versions and inter-product compatibilities; availability of all new features delivered within the product line; and full support coverage ...
Can I cancel the subscription?
Yes, you can do so at any time. In this case, you keep access to the support service for the product and those updates until the original subscription end date. Learn more from our official press release.
Can I renew the subscription?
You can renew your subscription any time, of course. But it will require an additional renewal fee. The exact proportions will be introduced shortly across all our info channels. Learn more from our official press release.
Can I customize and continue using the product if my product subscription expires?
Yes, you can continue using and customizing the product. You will have access to the latest updates released while your subscription is active. After the cancellation, you can continue updating the product on your side, or you can renew your subscription...
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