FAQ: Special Promotions Pro

Special Promotions Pro
Does this extension have all the functionality of Special Promotions module?

Special Promotions Pro is one of the most full-fledged Magento promotion extensions. Besides the additional 5 marketing deals, it offers deals based on customer order history and attributes. To see a comparison chart, follow the link below.

How can I create Fixed Amount Off promotions?

With the Magento discount extension, you can create relevant Cart Price rule with 'Fixed amount discount' action. To see a 10-discount-amount example, follow the link below.

How can I provide a percentage off specific products?

To run a percent-off discount for some specific products you should create Cart Price rule and apply them to a required product only. To see the settings for a 20 percent off discount, read a complete answer.

How can I set up a percentage off everything?

To set up percent-off promotions on everything you'll need to create the corresponding Cart Price rule with the "Persent of Product Price Discount" action and set the discount amount. See the screenshot to configure the rule correctly.

How do I set up a percentage off one category?

Using the Magento promotion module, you can easily set up a percent-off sale by creating a Cart Price rule and applying it to a necessary product's category only. To see how to designate 20% off a category, follow the link below.

How to create a rule for specific products?

A rule for specific products can be created in two ways. You can generate it either by using corresponding products SKUs or by creating a hidden category for necessary products. Follow the complete answer to see more details.

How to set up the promo 'Buy N products, and get next same products free'?

To launch the promo where X is not equal to 1, you need to make changes in the 'Update prices' section: select the corresponding promo action, specify 2 as the 'Discount qty step' and set the discount amount to 1.

How to use "The Cheapest" action

The action can be used for launching such promos as 'buy 3 and get the cheapest for half the price' or 'buy 6 and get 2 cheapest items for half the price'. However, you need to know the rule can be applied to the same categories only. To see a step-by-step action guide, follow the link below.

What is the difference between Conditions and Actions?

'Conditions' establish when your promo will be put into use, whereas 'Actions' specify all the benefits a customer will achieve if meeting all the promo conditions. While combining both the features you can design a vast number of various marketing campaigns. To learn where to configure the setting and how to make it properly, read the full answer.

What is the difference between Special promotions Pro and Loyalty Program?

These extensions have an identical set of rules actions, however the Loyalty Program extension has additional features that help to set up loyalty program levels, count user statistics and display it in the user account.

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