FAQ: Customer Group Catalog

Customer Group Catalog
Can a custom block be shown instead of the price?

Yes, you can create a Magento custom price block using default Magento functionality and put instead of the price.

Can a restricted product/category be accessed via a direct link?

The extension allows for hiding and showing product and category links. You can give direct product links while hiding products from category pages. See the screenshot to make all the settings correctly. 

Can I set up customer group restrictions by category, product and pricing?

Yes, you can set up customer group restrictions and create rules to restrict particular customer groups from seeing certain products, categories or prices/“Add to Cart” button.

Can this extension change the price depending on the customer group a user belongs to?

No, the module does not have such functionality. However, the extension allows for creating a customer group discount, a 'call for price' block instead of showing the price, as well as removing the 'Add to Cart' button. 

How to find missing product attributes when setting conditions?

Sometimes, when configuring product conditions you are unable to find certain product attributes. This guide will show you how to fix the issue and enable the existing yet missing attributes for selection in product conditions.

Is it possible to find restricted products via site search?

The extension helps you to hide products from search. Thus, restricted products are not shown in the search results.

What if a product belongs to two categories and one of them is restricted?

In such a scenario a product won’t be visible in both categories even if one of them is not restricted.

Will the restrict category be hidden on the navigation menu/category filter?

Yes, sure. The extension allows you to hide a category. You can also hide all empty categories. The link to the restricted category will be shown neither on the navigation menu not on category filter.

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