FAQ: Generate & Import Coupons

Generate & Import Coupons
Can I create coupon codes for a specific customer group only?

Yes, you can assign a coupon code for a specific customer group by making changes on the coupon settings page in the customer groups tab. Go on reading to see more instructions.

Can I restrict uses per coupon code?

Yes, you can choose how many times a discount coupon code can be used.

Can I restrict uses per customer?

Yes, it’s possible to set a number of coupon codes uses per a customer.

Is it possible to generate a coupon just for a specific product or brand?

Yes, you can create coupons for a specific product/ brand. You may use various conditions in the Conditions section of the Cart Price rules to apply the rule to a needed brand or product. Read on to see a screenshot.

Is it possible to give discounts via URL?

Yes, our Generate and Import Coupons module can do that for you. It will enable you to create links like example.com/landing-page.html?coupon=XYZ-987, by which you can send a coupon code to a customer.

Is there a maximum of coupons you can import?

The number of Magento unique coupon codes that can be imported with our module is not limited by the extension settings. However, there may be certain restrictions caused by your web server: a maximum file size, maximum server timeout, PHP script timeout, etc.

Message about sending double header in Chrome
If you use Generate and Import Coupons extension in Chrome , you can get a message about sending double headers. This is typical Magento bug fixed in the CE 1.7 version (see release notes).  So you can either use FireFox or upgrade to CE 1.7to ...
Not enough memory or server 500 error while generating coupons in Magento
You can get such errors while using Generate & Import Coupons extension. This is a known bug in old magento versions, it has been fixed in the latest one. There errors occur as basically Magento tries to load all coupons in the memory. You ...
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