FAQ: Promo Banners

Promo Banners
Can I add banners to any custom positions?

Yes, sure. You can use the block in any of the positions: above a cart, sidebar, product/category page, etc. To see the code follow a complete answer.

Can I control banners display by store view?

Yes, with the Promo Banners extension you can choose in which store views to display the banners and select customer groups to whom you want to show them. To see all the settings continue reading. 

Can I create different banners for each category of my store?

Yes, you can create different banners for different categories pages. Go on reading to see the settings.

Can I display banners on certain product pages only?

Yes, there are two options for you to specify product pages where your product banner should be shown: by SKU or by product attribute. Read the complete answer to follow the bit-by-bit instructions. 

Can I display promo banners on my homepage?

Yes, sure. You can enable a homepage banner or a category banner by changing settings at the 'Banner Position and Type' tab. Go on reading to see the screenshot of settings.

Can I show a promo banner like “Spend $X more to get free shipping”?

Yes, sure, all you need is to set appropriate Cart Conditions on the Banner Page. Go on reading to see how to make it correctly. 

Is it possible to tag banners with utm tags for Google Analytics?

Yes, you can tag banners for Google Analytics in Promotions section. Read on to see more details. 

Promo Banners extension is working but not showing the selected products
If Promo Banners extension is working but not showing the selected products, please make sure you've set the root category option "is anchor" to "yes". Go to Catalog > Manage Categories > Root > Display Setting:  
What is the difference between Magento Enterprise default banners and this extension?

Magento EE shows banners for already applied rules, while this module allows you to create the rule to advertise special offers. For example, the cart is $86 and you have free shipping + gift on orders over $100. So you can show this banner to the customer to stimulate him to add $14 product, and then, when he adds the product, you can *hide* this banner and show a new one, say for "each 2-d free for orders over $150".

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