FAQ: Landing Pages

Landing Pages
Can I add some text to my landing page for better SEO?

Yes, you can change landing pages. There are two fields – Top Description and Bottom Description – where you can insert text that will be displayed on your landing page.

Can I create different landing pages for different store views?

The extension supports multi-website structure, so you can create different customized landing pages for separate store views. All you need is to make changes in the general settings. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can I display products from multiple categories on my landing page?

Yes, the module allows for displaying products from more than one category on a landing page. Read on to see the screenshot.

Can I slash signs in the URLs of landing pages?
If you mean using slash signs to add categories and/or subcategories to the URLs, like /promo/on-sale/products.html, then it's not possible with our extension.  
Can I use a range for a price attribute?

Yes, sure. For this, you need to make relevant changes in the advanced filter. Continue reading to see the screenshot.

Can only particular SKUs be displayed on a landing page?

Yes, with the use of the advanced filter you can set up the condition so that only one SKU of a single product will be displayed on a landing page. Read on to see the screenshot.

Does this module work correctly with the “Enable Flat Categories and Products” option?

Our Landing Pages module works well with the Flat Categories and Products option. But in case there are still any issues our support managers will fix them for free.

How can this Landing Pages module detect new products to display them?

There are 2 possible algorithms:

1) use magento default attributes "new from" and "new to"


2) set the new period in the module setting and use product creation date.

How to change a sort order on a landing page?

If you need to change sort order, please paste this code into the “Layout Update XML” field on the Design tab:

<reference name="amlanding_product_list_toolbar">

<action method="setDefaultDirection"><string>desc</string></action>


How to set noindex, nofollow tags on the landing pages?

Please paste the following code to the Layout Update XML field on Design tab:

<reference name="head"><action method="setRobots"><meta>NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW</meta></action></reference>

Is it possible to import Landing Pages?

Yes, with the module you can import/export landing pages in .csv format. Continue reading to see the screenshot. 

Is this module compatible with custom navigation extensions?

Our Landing Pages module is fully compatible with default Magento navigation and our Improved Layered Navigation.

There are no products matching the selection message on the landing page
If you get a “There are no products matching the selection” message on the landing page, please check the settings of the root category. For the correct work of the Landing Pages extension “Is Anchor” option of Root category should...
What should I do if only filtration by category in conditions works?
To fix it please navigate to Admin Panel > Catalog > Attribute > Manage Attributes > select the needed attribute there and set the “Used in Product Listing” option  to “Yes”. Please note that re-indexation is ...
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