FAQ: Mass Product Actions

Mass Product Actions
Can I add a product to more than one category at a time?

Yes, you can add a product to several categories. For this, you need to disable showing categories as tree. Read on to see the screenshot. 

Can I assign, remove or replace a website for a number of products in bulk?

Yes, using the 'update attributes' action you can remove or replace a website for a number of products in bulk. To see a step-by-step guide follow the link below. 

Can I change prices per website?

Yes, you can change prices per website. Make sure the price has a desired scope in admin > system > configuration > catalog > price tab.

Can I clear all related products from items in bulk?

Yes, there is such an option. You can remove all related products, delete cross-sells or up-sells.

How can I update meta title/descriptions in bulk using this extension?

Any attribute including meta title/description can be changed in bulk with the use of the Mass Product Actions extension. You can make it using the update attributes action. Read on to see the screenshot.  

How to change attribute set in Magento?

If you need to change an attribute set, it's possible with Mass Product Actions extension. For this, you need to make changes right on the Manage Products grid. Read on to get compete instructions. 

Is there a Multi Way option for relating products in bulk?

Yes, you can add cross- and up-sells as well as related products using a multi way algorithm. Go on reading to see the screenshot.

We have an extensive number of products in our store. Will the extension handle this?

Yes, it will as our Mass Product Actions module works with a database directly. You can edit multiple products, just one product, lots of text, etc.

Will updating attributes of a configurable product delete simple products associated with it?

No, Mass Product Actions extension won't delete associated simple products in this case. “Update Attributes” is a native Magento mass action and we don't change its behavior.

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