FAQ: Custom Order Number

Custom Order Number
Can I add a suffix instead of a prefix?

Yes, sure. The number format of each document type is highly customizable. That will help you to adjust the numbers to your requirements.

Can I change numbers of already existing orders, invoices and shipments?

The extension settings are non-retroactive. This means that only newly created order will be affected by any customizations made with the Custom Order Number extension.

Can I customize order numbers on a store-view level?

Yes, of course. You can configure the settings for order, invoice, shipment and credit memo numbers per each store view.

Can I reset an order number counter on a regular basis?

Yes, Magento order number can be reset with our Custom Order Number extension. There are 3 time periods available: reset order numbers each day, month or year. Moreover, you can choose not to reset the counter at all. Go on reading to learn how to make it correctly. 

Can I set a random number increment?

Yes, with this Custom Order Number module you will be able to change order number increment so that your competitors won’t be able to detect sales made in your store.

Is it possible to make only the shipment number equal to the order number and leave invoice number unchanged?

Yes, such a setting is easily achievable due to flexible extension settings. Each option – Invoice number, Shipment, Credit memo numbers – can be set to either be the same as order number or different.

Is it possible to use consecutive order numbers for different stores/views?

Yes, you can setup the consecutive order numbers as well as a global prefix and increment across multiple stores. Read on to get a step-by-step instruction.

What happens with multiple invoices on one order?

 If you have multiple invoices per order, a duplicate separator will be used to differentiate the invoices, e.g. "10000000123-1", "10000000123-2", etc. This also applicable to other documents numbers.

What types of Magento order numbers are affected by this extension?

Only numbers seen by customers are changed. Internal Magento data is not affected. Also, the custom order numbers won't affect the efficient RMA request process organized with the Magento RMA extension.

Will I be able to continue an existing numbering system?

Yes, sure. You can just change invoice number format according to your business needs with the help of the following variables: {counter}, {store}, {yyyy}, {yy}, {m}, {mm}, {d}, {dd}, {rand}. You are free to use any combinations of these variables.

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