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Auto Add Promo Items
An error ocurred with Sage Pay: 3021 : The Basket format is invalid
If you get this error in Auto Add Promo Items with Sage Pay: 3021:The Basket format is invalid, please open the SagePay module configuration and turn off sending the basket to them.
Can a customer pick the size or other attributes of a free product?

Yes, with the extension you can automatically add configurable products to cart as free gifts, your customers can select product attributes. Read on to see the example.

Can a rule be applied based on what other items are in the cart?

Yes, with the extension, you can create a limitless number of rules for a shopping cart. For such promos as 'Buy 2 shorts and 2 t-shirts, get slippers for free' there is a special action 'Autoadd promo items with products'. To see more follow the link below.

Can I add more than one free product?

Yes, in case you've set up a free gift for every $100 spent, a customer will get two free gifts automatically added to the cart or displayed in the pop-up when spending $200 or buying 2 items (for 'buy one product get another free') . Besides, you can make it by following the rule: 'get one X and one Y for each two A'. To see more details read on.

Can I give customers a few options of free products to choose from?

Yes, you can not only add free gift to cart, but provide as many options as you like. You can specify SKUs of the products that are provided as free gifts and point them out as promo items. Depending on the number of promo items you set, you need to specify the discount amount. To see the screenshots read on.

Can I include shipping cost to the free product?

Yes, you can allow or restrict free shipping for promo items. Free or paid shipping can be used applied to promo products, which is of a critical importance for heavy-weight or fragile products. To see the settings go on reading.

Can I limit the number of free items per order?

Yes, if you want to add one free gift to cart in one order, you should apply the maximum quantity discount to 1. To see the screenshot read on.

Can I limit the number of free items per several orders?

Yes, you can limit it making changes on the rule information tab. You should create a coupon and enter 1 in the 'user per customer' field. However, the rule will work with registered customers only and all the guest visitors will be able to get a present for each order. To see how to change it read on.

Can I use a rule “Get Free X when Y is spent”?

Yes, the extension offers 'free product with purchase for a total of X' or 'auto add promo items for every $x spent' action. You need to specify the number of free gifts and set up the 'Buy X'. You can also enable your customer to choose one out of several free gifts. To see how to make it go on reading.

How to use “Auto Add Promo Items for every $X spent” Action

With the action, you can add a free gift to a cart for a specific amount of money spent by a customer making all the additional settings like specifying the discount amount, etc. Go on reading to see a full answer.

How to use “Auto Add Promo Items for the Whole Cart” Action

With the action, you are able to give a free gift with each purchase. Besides, you can configure the number of promo items and specify a discount amount instead of giving the products for free. See a complete answer to learn all the options.

How to use “Auto Add Promo Items with Products” Action

The 'Auto Add Promo Items with Products' action can be used to add a free product a customer will get with a purchase. You can define the number of promo items provided for a discount step, indicate a maximum discount, other settings. Read on to see all the possibilities.

How to use “Auto Add the same product” Action

This is one of the 4 new actions added to your Magento with the module. You can offer the same product to your customers, as he/she's added to the cart at a lower price or for free. Read on to see more details.

Remove free items from shopping cart

Auto Add Promo Items extension allows to offer more than one free item for each rule. However, all applicable free items will be automatically removed from the cart if overall conditions do not apply anymore.

Customers are able to remove free items from the cart manually.

When I add to cart the product that triggers adding a free promotional product, the error occurs.
In case when you add to cart the product that  triggers adding a free promotional item, the following error occures:   SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails...
What should I do if the free gift is not added to cart automatically?

We brought up a few tips which might help you effortlessly handle the situations when a free gift is not added to cart automatically. Please click 'Read FULL answer' link below to learn more about it.

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