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FAQ: Elastic Search for Magento 2

How do synonyms work in Elastic Search for Magento 2?
How does the match mode work? Which one should I use?
How to check if the Elasticsearch engine is available?
Is it ok to use numerous search engines/extensions?
I’ve upgraded to Magento 2.3.3 and there are no products on the second page of the catalog. What should I do?
Should I install the Elasticsearch engine on a separate server?
Test connection failed. What should I do?
The products are gone after changing the search engine. What should I do?
What specs of the server are required for the Elasticsearch engine?
What versions of the Elasticsearch engine are supported?
Why can’t I see any settings for Amasty Elastic Search?
Why is the position of the products different in the popup and on the search results page?
What version of the Elasticsearch engine does this extension support?

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