Freelance Magento developer and custom development team. How to choose?

Magento is an open-source platform with unbounded scaling possibilities, and in the hands of a professional developer, it can meet all your business needs. Yet, how not to fail with the choice of a candidate, so that the project doesn't eat your tight budget and is complete on time?


If you don't have a technical background, find someone on the team, someone you know, who can help you understand if a particular candidate's skills match your project expectations.


To confirm your first opinion of a candidate (or refute it), don't neglect reading reviews. Look at the rating of the specialist or team, find controversial points to discuss, understand how you will check them out before you take the candidate on a project. If you want to check out all the references to the specialist, google: “paul smith” seo, where “paul” is their name, and “smith” — the last name, and you'll see everything there is about this specialist on the internet.


If you need an NDA, look to well-known outsourcing companies with a high reputation to eliminate any possible risks. But keep in mind that the cost of services of a well-known company in comparison with a freelance developer will differ in a larger way. Here it is up to you to decide whether you are willing to take the risk.


Maybe you’ve heard of the term “test purchase”. Your approach should be about the same, it is important to get 3-5 estimates to understand the evaluation of the project before you have to budget it.


Only 22% of outsource companies are involved in customer service and provide warranty. Contracting with one of them is a huge plus to your better risk-management strategy.


It is worth paying attention to: find out if there is a difference in time zones in which you both live. If so, you need to decide if it will be okay for you to communicate with the performer, and if it can interfere in the performance of the work. Language is just as important.

And lastly, it's no secret that in the pursuit of projects, many companies and developers tend to overestimate their level of skills and experience while dumping the cost of work. So, it will be great if you can take a trusted technical specialist to the first meeting, who will be able to assess the technical knowledge of the potential contractor.

And if you are ready to check the first potential contractor on the above requirements, just take a look, maybe we can help you.

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