Freelance Magento developer or custom development team. What to choose?

Magneto is an open-source platform that means it has unlimited opportunities for customization if you have enough technical skills. But what to do if you need custom development but can’t write a line of code without help? There are 2 options: find a Magento developer or hire a team. Let’s consider them closely.

Freelance Magento extension developer

The main advantage of a Magento custom developer is flexibility. You can hire a freelancer for one hour, day or find a professional that will be a member of your team. Also, freelancers often have lower prices in comparison with agencies, and they have knowledge and skill in a specific branch.

The drawbacks of hiring Magento module developers stem from their advantages. One single developer, even full-stack, can’t know everything. Also, when you hire a freelancer, you probably want to test them before starting the project. For this, you will need to have some technical knowledge or someone who can help you avoid scammers. Finally, not every freelancer will give you any warranty or assistance if something will go wrong after the project is released.

Magento development team

The main argument for hiring a development agency is the fact that it is a team of several developers that are experts in different fields. Thus, they can complete big projects and develop more complex features. Also, they have a project or account manager that will lead your project, answer your questions, and keep you updated. They offer warranties and life-time support.

But of course, the work of several specialists will have a higher cost than one freelancer.

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The final choice is always yours. In our opinion, freelancers suit better for small projects where the knowledge and experience of one person are enough. But if you want, for example, to launch a big ERP integration project, it’s better to hire a team of professionals.

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