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How to add the related products block to Magento 2?

Displaying the related-products block on product pages can increase the revenue by up to 30% on average. So let’s see 2 methods of how you can get related products in Magento 2 without any programming skills.

Method 1. Vanilla Magento 2 settings

Step 1. Log in to your admin panel and navigate to Catalog > Inventory > Products.

Step 2. Find the needed product from the list and click the Edit button.

Step 3. Find the Related Products, Up-Sells, and Cross-Sells section and open it.

Step 4. Then click the Add Related Products button.

Step 5. Use filters to find products that you want to display as related and select them by clicking on the checkbox.

Step 6. When you are ready, click the Add Selected Products button and save the product.

Repeat these steps for all the products on which pages you want to configure the block.

The same way you can get not only the Magento 2 related products block but also up-sells and cross-sells.

Method 2. Automatic related products

The Automatic Related Products extension allows you to create rules that add related products to any CMS page automatically.

After you install and set up the plugin, go to Catalog > Amasty Related Products > Related Product Rules and create a new rule. There you can specify the block position on the page, to what products you want to add this block, and what items should be shown or not shown as related products on Magento 2 frontend. 


For example, you can configure that for all products from the category laptops goods from categories: computer mice, laptop stands, and laptop bags will be shown as related. Moreover, you can use these rules to offer cross-sells and upsells products. You can enable the Same as condition and set up additional attribute value to display in this block. 


Besides, the extension allows you not only add related products to Magento 2 pages programmatically but also create bundle packs and offer valuable deals.


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