How to attach PDF to a product in Magento 2?

Meeting modern customer needs is crucial, and one of the most important aspects of making a sale is providing customers with more information about your products and services. Using Magento 2 add PDF to product steps, you can attach a PDF packed with essential information to promote sales and customer trust.

While Magento 2 upload PDF steps are crucial to success, you might not be aware of the specific process of attaching a PDF to a product in Magento 2. Here are the key steps to achieving this objective!

Step One: Upload PDF File

The first step for the Magento 2 add PDF to product process is uploading your PDF file. From your store’s backend, select Product → Catalog → Product Attachments → Manage Files. After this, select the Add New option in the upper right-hand corner to upload your PDF document.

Step Two: Configuration Settings

Next, it’s time to manage your configuration settings. Select Stores → Configuration → Product Attachments to get to the configuration panel.

Once you’ve reached the configuration panel, enable your extension from your store’s backend and enter the product attachments tab title and heading. This title and heading will be shown to users on your product page.

Step Three: CMS Page Settings

After managing your configuration settings, you can focus on the CMS page settings. This option isn’t always necessary, but you should add an attachment block to your CMS page when products are listed under this page.

Enable the CMS attachment option and set a heading from your store’s backend to display the attachment block on CMS pages. If this isn’t necessary, you can skip this step!

Step Four: Attachment Categories

After enabling the CMS attachment option, you can set attachment categories for your products – for instance, file types like user manuals and warranty cards should be separated. Select Catalog → Product Attachments → Manage Attachment Categories.

Create a new category allowing you to add PDFs to your Magento 2 products and name categories with a recognizable title. Add the description you want to be presented in your store’s front end and set it as active.

Step Five: Attaching the PDF File

Finally, you can attach your PDF file to your product page to give customers extra information about your offerings. Select Catalog → Products and add your attached file to the grid.

If you didn’t upload your file in the first step, you can do it now by selecting Catalog → Product Attachments → Manage Attachments → Add New Attachment.

How Amasty Can Help

Attaching a PDF file to your product pages is a great way to provide customers with more information about your offerings. Amasty’s Product Attachments for Magento 2 extension simplifies adding PDFs to your product pages, ensuring shoppers have detailed product information to make informed purchases.

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