How to change a products sort order in a Magento 2 category?

Product sorting on a category page can help you boost sales of specific items that are on the top of the list. Say, you have a fashion store and replenish the stock every 2 weeks. So you need to sort collections in your Magento 2 according to certain rules. So let’s see the options by which you can sort items in categories.

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Method 1. Sorting by product listing

Magento 2 offers 3 options of product listing. Magento product listings are of the following types: by position, product name, or price. If Magento 2 sort by price is not working then you need to change the type of sorting. To change the default sorting, go to Catalog > Categories, choose the needed category, and open the Display Setting tab. Then go to the Default Product Listing Sort By field and choose the needed parameter from the dropdown. Save the changes.

If you want to customize the collection order in Magento 2 or check the Magento 2 product position in the category, you should choose the sort by Position option. Then you will be able to change the position of your products manually. For this, use method 2.

Method 2. Product sorting

Magento Open Source and Commerce have a huge difference in opportunities for product sorting. Let’s consider them separately.

Magento 2 Open Source Edition

To change the product sorting, navigate to Catalog > Categories and choose the Store View that you want to change. Then select the needed category, open the Products in Category tab, and edit the Position column. Save the changes.

Magento 2 Commerce Edition

Step 1. Navigate to Catalog > Categories and change the Store View on the top of the page, if needed.

Step 2. Choose the required category from the category tree.

Step 3. Expand the Products in Category tab, and then click the tiles icon to display the product tiles on a grid.

Step 4. You can sort the products in 2 ways Manual or Automatic.

Step 5. For manual changing of the sort order in the Magento 2 category, choose the needed option from the Sort Order dropdown and click on the Sort button to apply for the sort order. Also, you can use a Visual merchandiser and change the position of products with the drag-and-drop tool. Update any invalid indexers if needed and save the category.

Step 6. For automatic sorting, choose the Yes option in the Match products by rule field and then choose the needed variant form the Automatic Sorting dropdown. Moreover, you can add conditions to the category. Click on the Add condition button and choose the needed Attribute for your rule. Choose one of the following options for the Operator:

  • Equal;
  • Not equal;
  • Greater than;
  • Greater than or equal to;
  • Less than;
  • Less than or equal to;
  • Contains;

And fill in the Value.

Repeat these steps for all the conditions you need.

Step 7. When you are ready, save the category and clean the cache. Then go to your store frontend and check the result of the new Magento 2 sort order.

For more information about product sorting, in Magento 2 Commerce, check the official documentation.

Method 3. Improved Sorting

With the help of the Improved Sorting extension, you can sort products by newest, by popularity, by position, by price, by rating, by relevance, and more. It allows you to disable unnecessary sorting options, change their order, and rename them. Maximize your sales by placing out-of-stock products to the end of the list, show category listing in the Magento home page, and display the special product block at the beginning of the product page with Best Sellers, Most Viewed, Now in Wishlists, Top Rated, New, and other products.

How to set specific sort order in Magento 2 category?

If you want to set specific sort order in Magento 2 category, the algorithm of your actions will depend on the Magento version you use. Below you will find the direct instructions for both Magento 2 Commerce and Magento Open Source. And for Magento Open Source users, we recommend using our Visual Merchandiser extension to get advanced product listing options like sort by newest.

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How can Magento 2 search by category improve your store?

Magento 2's search by category feature allows shoppers to use product categories to quickly find the products they want, which improves the overall user experience of your store.


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