How to change Magento 2 pagination settings?

When search engine crawlers scan your website, the structure and number of pages they crawl will vary depending on the credibility of the site, the speed of content updates, and other parameters. And, if you have a huge number of pages for pagination, the possibility of search engines to pass all such pages is greatly reduced. As a consequence, there is a low probability of indexing specific pages. The limit of search engine spiders will simply be spent on pagination rather than verification of actual pages of the site.

How to set the pagination limit in Magento 2?

Step 1. Log in to the Magento 2 admin panel.

Step 2. Go to Content > Configuration and select the necessary Magento 2 theme that you want to customize.

Step 3. Click edit and scroll to the Pagination section.

Step 5. On the Pagination Frame setting line, set the limit for pagination.

Step 6. Click the Save Configuration button.

You can also make the following changes to Magento 2 pagination:

In the Pagination Frame Skip setting, you can specify the total number of links you want to skip ahead before displaying the next set of links in the pagination control.

In the Anchor Text for Previous setting, you can specify the text that will be shown for the Previous link.

You can also leave it blank to use the default value.

In the Anchor Text for Previous setting, you can specify the text that will be displayed for the next link. Leave it blank to use the default value.

Don’t forget to save your changes and flush Magento cash.

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