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How to configure Share Me in Magento?

Share Me is a simple tool which helps sellers increase sales and find new customers using Facebook. However, from time to time sellers face difficulties in configuring and utilizing the extension. Follow this step-by-step guide to make it work for you:

First of all, we need to configure Facebook:

  1. Follow the link and create a new app:


         2. Fill in the fields:


        3. Select 'Marketer':

You've created your marketing account. Now let's set it up properly.

        4. Enable the app in the top right corner:


        5. Click on 'Basic Settings':


        6. There you need to specify:

    • Domain
    • URL to Privacy Policy page

        7. Save Changes:


        8. Once done, click on Off/On tumbler again, choose the category and confirm.


        9. Make sure the app is enabled:


Done! Feel free to get back to us should you have some questions or need any further assistance.

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