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How to connect Mailchimp for Magento?

Whether you want to build customer segments, send triggered emails, track purchases or give recommendations to your buyers, the easiest way to do it - download, install and connect Mailchimp for Magento 2.

Say, you’ve downloaded and installed the Mailchimp, let’s cut to the integration with Magento 2.

  • Log in to your Magento Admin panel and click Mailchimp>Configuration;
  • To the right of the Store View, click the Default Config menu and choose the Magento 2 store you’d like to connect;
  • Read the pop-up message about the connection and click OK if agreed;
  • Then choose the API Key (store view) menu and find the key you’ve added for Mailchimp store;
  • Click Save Config when you’re done.

Now when your Magento 2 is integrated with Mailchimp you’re free to do the things we’ve described above. Also, we’ve found the Mailchimp guides to make the work and configuration simpler for you:

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