How to connect Shopify to eBay?

What is Shopify eBay integration?

Shopify and eBay integration is the process of connecting your Shopify store with your eBay account to streamline operations and expand your sales channels. Linking Shopify to eBay offers several advantages, including expanding your reach to eBay's vast customer base, increasing sales opportunities, and simplifying inventory management. If you connect Shopify to eBay, you can synchronize product listings, inventory, and orders between the two platforms, improving visibility and driving growth for your business.

How can you link Shopify to eBay?

To link Shopify to eBay, you can use integration apps available in the Shopify App Store. Simply search for "eBay integration" or "eBay connector" in the Shopify App Store, choose a suitable app, and follow the setup instructions to connect your Shopify store to eBay. Two of the most popular options are CedCommerce eBay Integration and Shopify Marketplace Connect

How can you link eBay to Shopify store?

Although you can't link eBay directly to Shopify anymore, it's important to note that eBay discontinued their Shopify app and removed its sales channel from Shopify. However, integration can still be achieved through many integration apps, such as the one mentioned above.

Is there a Shopify eBay inventory sync feature available?

Shopify eBay Integration includes a built-in inventory synchronization feature to ensure seamless inventory management across both platforms. Changes in inventory levels, such as product updates or sales, are automatically synced between Shopify and eBay in real-time. This helps prevent overselling or stockouts and ensures that your inventory remains accurate and up-to-date.
Please note: Inventory inconsistencies can occur regardless of the app you use. The apps with real-time inventory syncing offer the best chance of avoiding this issue. However, during high sales periods it's essential to manually track your inventory.

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