How to connect Shopify to Instagram?

Shopify Instagram integration enables merchants to connect their Shopify store with their Instagram business profile, allowing them to tag products in Instagram posts and stories. Before setting up Shopify Instagram Integration, it's important to ensure your eligibility for using the Instagram Sales Channel. This involves confirming that your business operates in one of the supported countries listed in the Meta Help Center for Instagram shopping.

How to link Shopify to Instagram?

Connecting Shopify to Instagram is a straightforward process:

1. Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard
2.Navigate to the "Sales Channels" section and select "Instagram."
3. Follow the prompts to connect your Instagram business account to your Shopify store.
4. Once connected, you can start tagging products in your Instagram posts and stories.

How to set up an Instagram shop with Shopify?

Shopify lacks a built-in capability for syncing Shopify product data with Instagram Shopping. Therefore, if you're unsure how to link Shopify products to Instagram, using a Shopify app is the solution. The default recommendation from Shopify is the Facebook & Instagram app, developed by Meta themselves.

1. Install the app.
2. Fill in Necessary Information: Start by filling in the required information such as your Facebook account, Business assets, Checkout method, Data sharing preferences, and agreeing to the Terms and conditions. You can find detailed steps on how to set up the Facebook & Instagram app for better reference.
3. Verify Your Instagram and Facebook Account: Once your Instagram and Facebook accounts are verified, you're ready to proceed.
4. Sync Products to Instagram: Navigate to your admin dashboard and click on "Products." Select the products you want to list on your Instagram channel, then click "Bulk Edit."
5. Save Changes: After making your selections, click "Save." Your Shopify product data will now be automatically synced to Instagram Shopping. Your Facebook & Instagram should reflect these changes accordingly.

How to add Instagram Feed to Shopify?

With Instagram Shopify integration, you have the option to showcase your products not only on Instagram but also embed your captivating pictures and videos directly onto your Shopify website. However, Shopify does not offer native support for this feature. If you're looking to connect Instagram to Shopify, you'll need to use an app. Simply search for "Instagram feed" in the Shopify App Store and select the app that meets your requirements.

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