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How to create a CSV file to import lists of products via the `Amasty: Favorite Products` extension?

1) CSV is a text format for presenting tabular data.
Each file line is a row of a table. Column values are separated from one another by a delimiter (comma in this case).
If the value contains a delimiter or a space, then you need to enclose this value into quotes.

2) The CSV file for the `Amasty: Favorite Products` extension should contain the following columns:

  • stock keeping unit (SKU),
  • quantity of product (Qty).

In order to allow customers to create wishlists using CSV files, don’t forget to enable attribute ‘SKU’ on the product page. You can edit attribute’s settings here:

Backend - > Catalog - > Attributes - >  Manage Attributes - > Edit Product Attribute ‘SKU’ - > Frontend Properties - > Visible on Product View Page on Front-end - > Yes

If you use Flat Product Catalog then you will need to reindex product flat data index here: Backend - > System - > Index Management - > Reindex Data.

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