How to create an e-commerce website on Magento?

If you want to create your store and do not know how to implement it, then you should learn what Magento website development is and what benefits it brings to your store. 

Why choose Magento 2 e-commerce platform for web development?

Magento is a steadily developing platform designed for the convenient development of online stores of various types. The popularity of Magento 2 website development is based on the open-source code that opens endless customization opportunities. Magento simplifies the website development process by providing a lot of functionality that can be extended with many built-in and third-party solutions. That's why Magento is the best e-commerce platform for web development.

Here you will find the Magento website development steps:

Step 1

First of all, you need to make a choice in favor of one or another e-commerce platform. It is made to decide the one on which you will create your store. Try to choose the store which will make your work easier by automating operational work. Department of Magento e-commerce website development will assist you to make the right choice.

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There are several tips to pay attention to when choosing a platform:


You should inquire about the possibility of cloud hosting your site.

Omnichannel support

The platform on which you will run your e-commerce website should be able to provide a single ecosystem for all client devices. Whether it's a desktop, mobile or tablet.

Reporting and analytics

You need to analyze data about your store. Therefore, it is important to opt for the platform that will allow you to conduct high-quality data analysis on your site.


Research shows that 43 percent of site visitors are willing to become a regular customer if offered personalization options. Based on this, the platform should be able to generate personalized content for each customer.

Instance purchase

The easier it is to buy a product on your website, the more willingly the consumer will do it. Buyers love simplicity. Try to find a platform that allows this simplicity.


A platform can be considered good if it offers the ability to expand its functionality with extensions. These extensions can be found in the online extension store.

Step 2

The second step is to set up your site. Magento site development will succor you to take into consideration all the factors. So, all elements that affect the order of the content and its correct filling will be analyzed. 

A few tips to remember when setting up your site:


It's important to keep an eye on SEO optimization of your store. The first step is to define a pool of good keywords that customers can use to find the products you are selling. After that, distribute them on your site in such a way that it looks neat and not striking.


Make navigation on your site as user-friendly as possible. In this case, the buyer will feel comfortable when visiting the store.

Strength in simplicity

Make sure that the menu labeling and the terms used are as clear as possible to the user.

Effortless payments

Organize the process of payment for goods as easy and fast as possible so that the buyer does not encounter any difficulties during the shopping process.

Branding is important

Don't forget about branding your site. The site for different platforms should be designed in the same style and comply with the general concept of the company's branding.

What are the features of the Magento 2 store development process?

Magento 2 is a well-known CMS for store development, but it is best used for medium to large store development as it is difficult to learn and expensive to maintain. Magento 2 store development requires a careful choice of hosting, time to master the difficult-to-use admin panel, and knowledge of a PHP or a PHP developer familiar with the Magento system.

Our company offers custom Magento store development to help you implement ideas for which there’s no ready-made solutions.

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