How to disable Base module notifications in Magento 1?

Amasty offers a service Base module, which is integrated into all the Magento 1 extensions. What does it give for a user? The module is built in to display service notifications of any changes coming from extensions installation or utilization right in the Admin Panel:

  • Base notifies whether an extension is up-to-date or a new version is available:


  • the module is set to fix conflicts between different extensions where it’s possible. You can make it under the Troubleshooter drop-down menu:


  • it helps a support team and admin users to eliminate the problems coming from extensions usage. The module displays the latest 5 cronjobs and the extensions that have been recently disabled via the Admin Panel.

How to disable Base notifications?

  • Log in to the Admin Panel and navigate to System>Configuration>Amasty Extensions> Extensions & Notifications;
  • Expand the Notifications drop-down menu:


  • Set the 'I'd like to be informed by Amasty Promos about' to 'No'; 'I'd like to be informed by Amasty Updates about' to 'No'. Then save the configurations and clear the cache. 
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