How to enable the Magento 2 “notify me when in stock” feature?

Why do you need the "Notify me when in stock" button?

The "Notify me when in stock" button allows you to send an email and/or SMS notifications to customers when an item or option will be in stock. You can also create email and SMS templates for notifications. This feature will bring your customers back to your site.

How to set Magento 2 configurable product stock status?

Step 1. Navigate to Stores > Settings > Configuration to set Magento 2 configurable product stock status.

Step 2. Open Catalog and select Catalog below.

Step 3. Open Merchandise Alerts settings.

Step 4. Switch the Allow Alert When Product Price Changes option to Yes to send alerts to your customers. 

Step 5. Select the Price Alert Email Template that you want to activate for price change notifications.

Step 6. Switch the Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock option to Yes to send notifications when out-of-stock items are available again.

The “Notify me when is in stock” appears only if Display Out of Stock Products is set to Yes.

Step 7. Select the Stock Alert Email Template that you want to activate for out-of-stock alerts.

Step 8. Set the Alert Email Sender.

Step 9. Save Configuration.

Timely inform customers and visitors about product stock status and price changes with the Out of Stock Notification extension.

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