How to enhance the Magento 2 checkout process?

What are the main reasons for abandoning the checkout page?

Here are the main reasons for abandoning the checkout page: 20% of shoppers abandon their cart because the checkout process is too long or complicated. Almost as many walk away due to lack of trust. 7% did not find the number of payment methods satisfactory.

Why is it important to have a user-friendly checkout process?

Conversions and the UX of the checkout process are inextricably linked. Quite often people abandon their shopping carts during checkout and leave the site because of the uncomfortable user interface of the page. That's why it's important to make this process as user-friendly as possible. 

What are the ways to improve the Magento 2 checkout page?

There are a lot of ways to improve the Magento 2 checkout process and here are the main ones:

    1. Use a concise, as simple design as possible. 
    2. The shopping cart should contain the following elements:
    • An image of the product;
    • The price per item, the total amount per item, any discounts, if any, and the total purchase price to be paid;
    • Shipping cost.
    1. Give the customer the option to use promo codes. 
    2. Introduce the ability to make a purchase without registering. 
    3. Provide as many popular methods of payment as possible. 
    4. Thank customers after making a purchase. 
    5. One of the best solutions is to give users the option of one-step checkout.

    All of these enhancements can be done with the One Step Checkout extension. It is easy to configure and provides great functionality to make the checkout process more user-friendly for your customers. 

    How to configure the Magento 2 checkout process?

    To configure the Magento 2 checkout process do the following:

    Step 1. Install the extension.

    Step 2. Navigate to Stores > Configuration Amasty Extensions > One Step Checkout > General tab.

    one step checkout general settings

    Step 3. Choose Yes in the first line to Enable One Step Checkout.

    Step 4. Choose whether to Allow to Edit Products in the Order Summary.

    Step 5. Enable JavaScript and HTML bundling and minifying for the checkout page.

    Step 6. Choose whether to Allow Guest Checkout. 

    Step 7. Choose when to Let Customers Create an Account at Checkout.

    Step 8. Continue with the rest of the settings according to your business needs.  

    Refer to the User's Guide for more detailed information on the extension configuration.

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