How to find Shopify stores?

Google Search:

Specific Search Queries: Use targeted search queries like “best Shopify sites,” “Shopify store examples,” or “top shopify store” to find curated lists and articles highlighting successful Shopify stores.

Google Shopping: Search for products you’re interested in buying, and often you'll find Shopify stores list among the results.

Utilize Shopify's Own Resources:

Shopify’s Explore feature: Start searching Shopy stores directly on Shopify's own platform. Visit the Shopify Explore page where you can access Shopify stores list, browse trending stores, top picks, and various categories.

Shopify App Store: Explore apps within the Shopify ecosystem designed to help you discover new stores. Look for apps that curate lists of Shopify popular stores or provide insights into trending products.

Online Directories and Marketplaces:

Shopify Exchange Marketplace: If you’re looking where to buy Shopify stores, the Shopify Exchange Marketplace is a valuable resource. Browse through listings of Shopify stores for sale, filtering by niche, revenue, and other metrics.

Shopify Experts Directory: Although primarily for finding professionals to help with your Shopify store, the directory can also lead you to live examples of their work.

Third-party Extensions:

SimilarWeb: This tool provides insights into website traffic and sources. Search for popular Shopify stores and analyze their traffic sources to discover other Shopify stores in similar niches.

BuiltWith: Discover what technologies power a particular website, including whether it's built on Shopify. This can lead you to Shopify stores you might not have otherwise found.

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