How to generate Magento 2 SEO-friendly URLs for your store pages?

Search engines have standards for website URL settings. Some of Google's standards require keeping the URL structure simple, attractive to users, with proper punctuation. This means that too long URLs can lead to lower conversions. 

Therefore, to boost your site's position in Google search and attract organic users to your store page, you need to create SEO-friendly URLs for categories, products, and brand pages.

This can easily be done with the Improved Layered Navigation extension, and here are the steps to make it work for your store:

Step 1. Navigate to Stores → Configuration → Amasty extensions → Improved Layered Navigation: SEO.

Step 2. Choose Yes in the Enable setting.

Step 3. Choose whetther to generate SEO-friendly URLs for attributes in bulk in the next setting.

To apply per-attribute fine-tuning you need to do the following:

Navigate to Stores → Attributes → Products → {attribute_name} → Improved Layered Navigation → SEO → Generate SEO URL setting.

Step 4. Switch the Include Attribute Name setting to Yes if you want to add the attribute name to the URL scheme, e.g. blue → color_blue.

Step 5. If necessary add Filter Key to the URL scheme, e.g. →

Step 6. Choose Yes in the Add Suffix to the Brand Pages and Filtered All-products Pages setting to add a particular SEO suffix to brand pages.

Step 7. Specify how to replace special characters.

Step 8. Select the URL separator for the selected attribute options.

That’s it for SEO-friendly URLs settings. Once set up, your links will be user-friendly and tailored for search engine standards.

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