How to increase Magento 2 average order value by offering an extra service fee?

There are 2 options on how you can offer extra services using the One Step Checkout extension. Let’s consider them closely.

Gift wrap service

One of the most common additional services is gift packages. To enable the fee for gift wrapping, go to Stores > Configuration Amasty Extensions > One Step Checkout and open the Gift Wrap section. Then, configure the following options:

  • Allow Gift Messages on Order Level - set to Yes if you want to enable the Add gift message field in the Order Summary block.
  • Gift Messages for Order Items - set to Yes if you need to enable separate messages for each product in the cart.
  • Gift Wrap - set to Yes to let customers add gift wrapping to the order.
  • Gift Wrap Fee - enter the fee of the service.

Custom checkout fields

To create a new checkout field, go to System > Manage Checkout Fields. Choose the block where you want to add the field and click the Add Order Attribute button:

In the opened window, fill in the general information about the new field:

Add Order Attribute button

  • Default Label - the name of your service
  • Attribute Code - the name of the field for admins
  • Store View
  • Customer Groups
  • Frontend Input Type - choose if it should be a text field, checkbox, dropdown, or other types of the input
  • Values Required - set if this field is obligatory
  • Default Value - enter the default value

Then scroll to the Attribute Type Settings. They may vary depending on the input type you chose before.

Next, customize the Attribute Display Settings:

  • Position at Checkout Step - choose the position of the field on the checkout
  • Sort Order - enter the sort order of the field

And define whether you want or not to:

  • Save Entered Value For Future Checkout
  • Show on Admin Grids
  • Include Into HTML Print-out
  • Include Into PDF Documents
  • Include Into Transactional Emails

In the Title, Tooltip, Options tab, you can add titles of this field in other languages and set up options for multi-option input types.

In the Shipping Methods tab, you can set for what shipping method this field should be displayed.

Note: using this option, you’ll need to process these requests manually, as they are not added to the order total automatically.

See more details on One Step Checkout for Magento 2 page

User Guide

See more details on One Step Checkout for Magento 2 page

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