How to manage the Magento Google page speed results?

What is the tool to check the Magento Google page speed results?

Magento Google page speed results can be checked with Google Page Speed Insights. It is a free tool that analyzes web page load speeds on mobile devices and computers and provides recommendations for speeding up web page load speeds.

How to use the PSI tool?

Step 1. Go to the PageSpeed Insights tool page. Enter the domain of the site and click "Analyze".

Step 2. To see the report on page load on your computer, go to the "Desktop" tab :


Step 3. To view the report on page loading on mobile devices, go to the " Mobile" tab:


Based on the results, PSI provides recommendations. Their implementation, according to Google, will speed up the performance of the page. Whether to implement all the recommendations or choose the most critical ones depends on the time you have, qualified specialists on staff, and the features of your site's CMS.

Why Google PSI is important?

The PageSpeed score only indirectly tells you how fast a site is and how well visitors can use it, Google PageSpeed Insights remains a great tool for identifying the causes of slow site performance. The results of the site analysis can help you correct errors and help bring your site to the top of search results.

What are the benefits of using the Magento Google page plugin?

Magento Google page plugin is a helpful tool for web developers to speed up page load times. It allows to speed up your site and boost its SEO metrics and enhance positions in Google search results. 

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