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How to output the customer attribute value in the e-mail template?

If you need to output the customer attribute value in the e-mail template, please follow the instructions:

1) Create a new email template based on the `New Account` template here: Backend - > System - > Transactional Emails - > and New Template button

2) Use the following code if you need to output customer attribute value in the email templates:

{{var customer.custom('attribute_code')}}

where `customer` is customer object and `attribute_code` is the code of the attribute, that was created via the `Amasty: Customer Attributes` extension.

3) Please do not forget to assign new template here: Backend - > System - > Configuration - > `Customers` section - > `Customer Configuration` tab - > `Create New Account Options` fieldset - > `Default Welcome Email` field

So you can use the `custom` method to any e-mail template, if you are sure, that the customer object is added to the e-mail.

For example, you can output customer attribute values in the order emails, because the extension is trying to add the customer object (if it exists) to the order emails.

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