How to solve the issue with slow Magento 2 admin?

While working with Magento, you may notice that the platform starts to work slowly. Even a freshly installed version of Magenta can run extremely slowly. The situation may worsen after installing a custom theme. Without themes, the store can work fine, but as soon as you put a theme, lags begin. You can blame the problem on the insufficient resources of your PC, but do not rush to do this.

The first possible solution to Magento's slow loading might be to enable the cache.

Caching significantly speeds up the loading of store pages. When installing extensions, you usually need to turn off caching. It is quite possible that you forgot to enable the cache after installing the next extension.

Go to System > Cache Management. Make sure all cache types are enabled. 

To enable cache:

Select all disabled cache types.

Select the Enable option in the list

Click the Submit button

More ways to fix the admin load slow issue in Magento 2:

  • Server optimization
  • Using Flat Categories and Products
  • Image optimization
  • Compressing and ?ombining JavaScript and CSS
  • Apache file changes to enable compression
  • Fixing messy redirects

All this takes a lot of time, the process is technically difficult and some things require knowledge of the code.

All these processes can be done with the help of Magento Optimization Service, which will allow you to save a significant amount of time and be calm about the result.

The whole process will consist of 3 main steps:

  • consulting 
  • addressing the stoppers (Based on the audit carried out in the first step, you will be offered what can be done and, depending on your decision, further optimization will be carried out)
  • warranty

Our experts will audit your site performance, code, and provide you with the results. After that, they will make changes based on the data received and your wishes. After all, you will be provided with a two-month warranty for the work performed.

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