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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to transfer modules from one Amasty account to another or merge accounts?

It is possible to merge accounts on our website or transfer extensions from one account to another. For this, you need to create a ticket for our support team. 

Here  are a few more things to keep in mind:

  1. Requests are processed through tickets only.

  2. If you want to transfer products to another account, you need to send the request from the account (email) from which the order to be transferred was made. The request must contain the account (email) to which you want to transfer.

  3. If you want to merge multiple accounts, send the request from the email to which you want to add other accounts. The emails we merge with the main account must be included in the request. We need to get confirmation from all the accounts that are joined.

Important note: Merging accounts is irreversible!

  1. The request must contain the order number and the product/accounts for the transfer/merge and other information that is important to you.

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