How can I transfer the extension from one account to another one?

Since our site has moved to M2, we no longer offer the Magento transfer of orders from one account to another. Instead, we offer a sharing option.

How it works: we open access to the order for the client to whose account the order should be transferred. The customer will be able to download and use the product, but the order will remain on the account from which it was originally purchased.

For sharing, you must provide:

1. order id;
2. account (e-mail address) to which you want to share.

Important note: to share the order, the end-user needs to have a registered account on and filled billing and shipping addresses. After that, the module will appear in the Products tab and the user will be able to download it. But there will be no invoice for the product and the user will not have an order for the product itself only the product. If you decide that you don’t want to share this module anymore, then you write to support and we end the sharing.

We can only share the entire order, so if there are 3 modules in the order, and you only need to share 1, we can't do it.

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