How can I share or transfer the extension from one account to another one?

  1. How sharing works?
  2. How transfer works?
    - Transfer during checkout
    - Transfer when order is complete

Frequently, we get requests how to provide access to the extensions purchased from one account to another. It could be a relevant case for our partners, Magento agencies, and any other businesses using several Amasty accounts.

Foremost, it is important to differentiate 2 procedures: sharing and transfer.

How sharing works?

This option is available for any customer groups. We open access to the order for the Amasty account you specified. The extensions will be downloadable in the Products tab in the Amasty account, you marked for sharing. The order will remain in the account where it was initially purchased. The further billing will be processed from the original account as well.

For sharing, you need to provide:

  1. Order ID;
  2. Account (e-mail address) to share.

To share the order, the end-user needs to have a registered account on with filled billing and shipping addresses. We can share only the entire order, so if there are 3 modules in the order, and all of them will be shared.

How transfer works?

This option is available only for partners. It allows you to make a full transfer of the order and reassign recurring product subscription fees from partner’s account to a third-party one. This procedure could be conducted on the partner’s own or with assistance of their account manager.

Transfer during checkout

  1. Set a checkbox near “Transfer recurring payments”, enter customer email, and complete the order with your discount and store credits. If checked, you will pay only for this order. The recurring payments will be charged from the customer you specified. 
  2. Your customer will receive an email notification about the transfer and short manual how to complete it. To do so, the customer needs to go to the “Orders” tab, the “Transferred Orders” and click “Subscribe”.
  3. By clicking “Subscribe”, the extensions will be automatically moved from the “Transferred Orders” to the shopping cart, where the customer will be asked to complete the order. The initial order will be at 100% discount because of the transfer. All the recurring payments will be billed according to the subscription terms. If removing the transferred extensions from the cart, the customer will no longer be able to buy them at 100% discount.

    Transfer when order is complete

    1. Go to the “Orders” tab and click “Transfer” near the necessary order
    2. In the pop-up, please enter your customer email where you’d like to transfer recurring payments to.
    3. Then please follow steps 2-3 from the Transfer during checkout manual.

Please contact your dedicated account manager or support team if you need our help, we’ll be happy to assist you.

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