How to implement React in Magento 2?

Developers like using React.js for Magento frontend because it makes the code stable and easy to manage. React is fast, ensuring quick page loads and responsive designs. It also helps with SEO, and if developers need to create mobile apps, they can use React Native.

3 ways to implement React in Magento 2?

There are three main ways to get Magento 2 React Frontend:

1. Only ReactJS
The first option included writing code with ReactJS by yourself, starting from the scratch. Instead of tweaking ready-made blocks, you build each component and the entire structure on your own.

2. Using PWA Studio
PWA Studio is an official Magento project,  especially designed for creating PWA websites. PWA Studio contains pre-built components and architecture needed to develop a Magento 2 react frontend. Disclaimer: note that PWA Studio is still in development, meaning some parts of the toolkit are incomplete and might lack stabiliity/have functionality issues. 

3. Via Third-Party themes
Another frequently used option involves exploring alternatives to the PWA Studio. These are themes built on ReactJS by third-party developers. Often, third-party themes offer a range of design choices, customization options, and additional features tailored to specific needs.

Which option is better? It will depend on store functionalities you would like to get, your budget constraints, and the skills of your team.

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