How to install Amasty extensions from Magento Marketplace?

Starting with Magento 2.4.0, it’s recommended to install all the extensions via Composer.

How to install extensions via Composer?

→ Magento advises to backup your DB and enable the maintenance mode before taking any further steps.

  • Go to My Profile and copy the extension’s Composer name;
  • switch to your Magento project and update the composer.json file with the copied name of the extension:

$ composer require <component-name>

e.g.: $ composer require amasty/shopby

  • enter your public (username) and private (password) authentication keys, if needed;
  • make sure the extension is installed correctly and enable it:

$ bin/magento module:status amasty/shopby

$ bin/magento module:enable amasty/shopby

  • if the module is enabled successfully, you’ll see the message:

Module is enabled

  • register your extension and recompile Magento in the Production mode:

$ bin/magento setup:upgrade

$ bin/magento setup:di:compile

  • clean the cache and set up the features:

$ bin/magento cache:clean

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