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Is it possible to control indexation of pages with filtered results?

Yes, since our Improved layered Navigation is SEO friendly, you can choose whether a page with applied filters should be indexed by Google or not.

If you don’t need Google to crawl a URL with filter parameters, you can add a noindex tag to it. This setting is applied on a filer level and can be configured in Catalog > Improved Navigation > Filters > General:


Magento Improved Layered Navigation - Amasty


However, you can also create a landing page according to popular filters and use it for long-tail keywords. In this case you need that page to rank high. That is why there is also an option to create a dedicated landing page with applied filters according to your choice. This page will have an optimized URL, meta data and description. To do that, please navigate to Catalog > improved Navigation > Pages:


Magento Improved Layered Navigation - Amasty

See more details on Improved Layered Navigation page
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