Key characteristics of a successful Shopify blog

B2C Content Marketing research shows that blogging about business activities increases user reach by 64%. Let's break down the basic aspects of running a Shopify blog.

What are the pros of the Shopify blog?


Blogging is an indicator of expertise. Customers, even those ready to order a product, have a lot of questions, the answers to which they can find on the blog without having to contact managers. 

Better visibility on Google

Blogging helps to increase SEO reach. Not every keyword query can be incorporated organically into the product description, and a blog allows you to insert informational keywords more organically. 

Better off-page optimization

The blog opens up opportunities for link building, which increases your ranking on Google.

How to boost your Shopify blog SEO?

  1. Take care of the quality and authenticity of the content to make it useful to the user.
  2. Organize content according to SILO structure (a SILO structure is a type of site architecture in which content is organized logically).
  3. Create handy navigation.
  4. Optimize pagination.
  5. Make sure you don't have any pages that might overlap in terms of keys.
  6. Don't forget to update articles.
  7. Implement the option to add comments. 
  8. Optimize images.

    How to boost your Shopify blog SEO?

How to create a proper Shopify blog design?

If your blog is not designed correctly and is uncomfortable for users, then all the efforts of writers and SEO specialists are useless. That is why it is important to pay special attention to blog UI/UX design.

It is vital to consider the specifics of your brand and create a layout that will be different from other pages of the site and at the same time match the overall concept of the store. The most important aspects of a blog to focus on when choosing a design:

  1. make it easy to read and perceive the information since the content on the blog is textual
  2. provide users with handy navigation, as this is a key factor for easy information retrieval
  3. make the design eye-catching and attractive

    How to create a proper Shopify blog design?

After the basics, let's figure out the more complex aspects of Shopify blogging.

How to create effective Shopify blog posts?

To create effective blog posts you will need to:

  • study the needs of the target audience
  • research before you start writing content
  • choose the right headline so that users want to open and read, and that it is SEO-friendly so that your article will be at the top of search results
  • write long articles, because statistics show that long articles perform better in search
  • remember about internal SEO, which is important for your content to be indexed and understood by search engines.

Why do you need to add categories to the Shopify blog page?

1. Blog categories = easy site navigation

Visual appeal — an incredibly important aspect. 90% of people leave a site because of poor design. Categories help group content by topic so that users can easily get to what they need.

2. Blog categories improve SEO

Categories improve your site's SEO by adding hierarchy to your pages. This helps search engines crawl through new pages and navigate through new and old content. In this way, new pages will be indexed faster, because search engines will consider them as useful and necessary indexing. As a result, engines will rank your pages more effectively.

3. Categories increase time on the site

The more useful and well-categorized content you have on your blog, the more time users will spend on the site. That in turn will lead to an increase in your on-page SEO metrics.

Why do you need to add categories to the Shopify blog page?

How to define Shopify blog categories for your business?

1. Analyze your competitors

Check which articles get the most views, comments, likes, or shares. That way you'll know what to focus on.

2. Narrow your list of topics

Identify a few categories that you are willing to cover and that you can devote enough time to. This number usually ranges from 3 to 7.

3. Specify the categories

The user must clearly understand what information they can find in a particular category, so don't overdo the imagination.

How to define Shopify blog categories for your business?

Now let's take a look at the tools you can use when creating a Shopify blog.

What are the most appealing Shopify blog templates?

Here’s the list of the best Shopify blog templates:

1. Story

The standard theme layout has a wide range of features, including a wide selection of fonts and a category filter to help users find the information they need.

2. Broadcast

A wide number of features for your blog including navigation, color swatches, comments are available with a Broadcast theme.

3. Editorial

Editorial is one of the best Shopify themes for blogs. This theme is designed in an editorial style that will help you manage your blog effectively.

4. Eva

Eva theme includes font designs, 3 blog layouts, and the ability to use video content, which can help you create an eye-catching blog for your store.

5. Yanka

The Yanka theme provides you with 5 types of blog styles and a drag-and-drop builder for organizing your blog content.

6. Custom Theme 

Create a custom blog theme for your store with the Custom Shopify Theme Development Service. Share your ideas and our development team will create a unique theme for your Shopify store.

What are the best blog apps for Shopify?

1. Blog Studio

Blog Studio makes it easy to create beautiful blog articles for your Shopify blog with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

2. Pro Blogger

Pro Blogger is a blogging app that allows you to get the most out of your content, keep your users' attention, and convert readers into buyers.

3. DropInBlog ‑ SEO Friendly Blog

DropInBlog will automatically apply your store layout, colors, fonts, and other formatting tools to your blog, so you don't have to spend time on design.

What are the best Shopify blog examples?

1. Beardbrand 

The Urban Beardsman blog talks about all things beard-related, as well as style, grooming, travel, and business from the founder. The blog ranks at the top of the search engine on the topic of beards.

2. Death Wish Coffee 

Death Wish Coffee's blog contains information for coffee lovers. The blog also shares information about new product releases and company news. The Death Wish Coffee blog ranks at the top of the search engine on the topic of coffee.

3. The Luxy Hair Brand 

You'll find useful and engaging content on the topic of hair care on the blog.

The blog ranks at the top of the search engine on the topic of hair care. It generates more than 225,000 visitors per month from organic search results.

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