Magento 2 EE CyberSource

What is CyberSource?

CyberSource is an on-demand payment management platform that enables merchants to receive and supervise payments, prevent fraud and secure private information. The platform was one of the pathfinders of the sphere, which later acquired Authorize.Net. The company has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visa Inc. In line with the latest statistics, more than 400 000 businesses use the platform to process online payments worldwide. 

Magento 2 EE CyberSource Configuration

  • Log in to the Admin Panel;
  • Navigate to Stores>Settings>Configuration>Sales>Payment Methods>Cybersource:


  • Make the next settings:

Enabled: set the option to ‘Yes’ if you need it to be activated;
Payment Action: choose ‘Authorize Only’. In this case, an order will be created in store’s Admin. You can create an invoice to convert the authorized amount into a billable transaction;
Title: fill in a label, which is to be used as a payment method on the checkout;
Profile ID: fill in the ID associated with your Cybersource account;
Merchant ID: fill in the ID associated with your Cybersource account;
Transaction Key: fill in your Transaction Key;
Access Key: fill in your Access Key;
Secret Key: fill in a secret key associated with your Cybersource account;
New Order Status: choose one of the statuses ‘Processing’, ‘Suspected Fraud’, which are to be assigned to all new orders;
Test Mode: choose a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ option in line with your needs;
Accepted Currency: choose the currency accepted in your store as a payment method;
Debug: enable the option if you need to record messages between your store and the Cybersource system in a log file;
Credit Card Types: choose all the credit cards, which are to be available to customers during the checkout;
Payment from Applicable Countries: choose the option you need;
Payment from Specific Countries: define each country where the payment is accepted;
Minimum Order Total: the smallest total, which is to be processed with Authorize.Net;
Maximum Order Total: the largest total, which is to be processed with Authorize.Net;
Sort Order: define the position number of the payment method on the checkout page.

To fully comply with the Payment Service Directive (PSD2) and provide your clients with secure payments, use our Stripe Payment extension for Magento 2

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