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Magento 2 Import Configurable Products

To simply create and import configurable products without time loss follow the three clear steps.

Magento 2 import configurable products in CSV:

Step 1: Find a CSV file

¡In case you have already downloaded the sample file, skip the step! 

  • Log in to your Admin Panel and navigate to System>Import:


  • Make the next changes in the Import Settings tab: 
  1. Entity Type - Products;
  2. Import Behavior - Add/Update:


Field separators can vary, you can find which one to use in your case in the Imported file:


  • Click the Download Sample File option and save the CSV file on your computer.

Step 2: Fulfill the CSV file

  • Once downloaded, open the file:


  • Check you know these rules before filling in the Magento 2 import configurable products sample CSV file:
  1. list children products before configurable ones;
  2. prove the value in the ‘attribute_set_code’ column matches the name of the Attribute Set;
  3. enumerate all the attribute set values for each child product in the ‘additional_attributes’ column;
  4. fill in the set of SKU and Option in the ‘configuable_variations’ column;
  5. check the correlation between the Attribute Code and the Label name in the ‘configurable_variation_labels’ column.

Step 3: Import CSV file

  • Get back to the Admin Panel>System>Import>Import Settings. In the Select File to Import field click the Choose File option, select your CSV file and click the Check Data button:


  • You will get a validation result in case everything is correct:


  • Click the Import button and get one more validation notification:


  • Go to the frontend to make sure everything works the way you needed.

Tip: If you need to quickly export configurable products from Magento 2 to a shopping engine, consider this Data Feed Manager.

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