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Magento 2 Logo: How to change the default logo?

Building a brand awareness is one of the main tasks merchants face at a business launch. If you’ve chosen an e-commerce sphere and decided to base your website on Magento 2 platform, you will definitely need to learn how to change the default logo and its size to promote a custom one. Besides, you’ll need to update the copyright notice in the footer.

Magento 2 logo change & logo size

Your current store theme determines the size and location of the logo by default. The default Magento logo is saved as an SVG file. A desired logo can be saved in any of the file types: GIF, PNG, JPG, or JPEG and uploaded from the admin panel of your website.

To find the default Magento logo and change it for a new one, navigate to:

  • The Admin Panel> Content> Configuration> Select Your Current Theme> Header;

!For Magento 2.x.x - Magento 2.1.x use this path: the Admin Panel> Stores> Settings> Configuration> General> Design> Header!:


  • Choose a desired store view and click the ‘Edit’ button;
  • Open the drop-down ‘Header’ menu and make the following changes:


  1. Logo Image - use the ‘Upload’ button to upload a new one;
  2. Logo Image Width/ Logo Image Height - enter desired parameters to the fields;
  3. Welcome Text -  create a custom welcome text for your landing website page;
  4. Logo Image Alt - fill in the text that is to be displayed when hovering a mouse over the logo image; 
  • Having completed the settings, don’t forget to click the ‘Save Config’ button.

The footer copyright notice can be changed under the Footer drop-down menu:


Magento 2 logo won’t change/won’t show

In case a custom logo won’t change after the settings are fulfilled correctly, check the following:

  • make sure you’ve clicked the ‘Save Config’ button;
  • flush and refresh the Cache


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