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Magento 2 MySQL

MySQL is one of the most in-demand databases for e-commerce websites due to the secure financial transactions that have data integrity, a possibility of the management of deeply embedded applications, and its consistent availability. However, by no means all merchants know Magento 2 basic requirements

Magento 2 MySQL specifications

Magento 2 is compatible with MariaDB*, Percona* and MySQL.
MySQL specifications:

  • The latest Magento version doesn’t operate with MySQL 5.5 but MySQL 5.6.x and better will suit;
  • Magento 2.1.2 and later versions are compatible with MySQL 5.7.x;
  • MySQL triggers are used to enhance database accessibility during reindexing;
  • If you need to import many products, you are able to increase the value for max_allowed_packet to make 16MB, which is larger than the default.

**MariaDB and Percona are compatible with Magento due to the support of MySQL APIs.

Magento 2 MySQL Config

Learn it before adjusting MySQL to your store needs:

  • you won’t be able to run any custom triggers, as they can introduce incompatibilities with future Magento versions;
  • read about restrictions for MySQL triggers before making any changes;
  • learn about replication formats supported by Magento 2, e.g.: the platform doesn’t support MySQL statement-based replication.

See here to get how to configure the Magento database instance and a remote connection.

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