Magento 2 Refund Order | Native Features and RMA System Explained

What is RMA and what is it used for?

RMA (Return merchandise authorization) - the process of returning defective products to the seller, distributor, or directly to the manufacturer for a replacement, repair, or refund.

RMA is usually carried out in several steps:

Step 1. Submission of an application for a return, during which the possibility of a return is established (the existence of sales records, the warranty period is checked). Usually, the application is made out on a special form (RMA form). After processing the application, it is assigned an account number (RMA number). It is used in the future for accounting and labeling of products sent.

Step 2. Send defective items back to the supplier.

Step 3. Confirmation of receipt of products.

Step 4. Replacement or refurbishment (or refusal to replace).

Step 5. Shipment of the item to the buyer (or refund).

Magento 2 allows the user to track the state of the refund online. To track you need to do the following:

  • From the storefront, log into your customer account.
  • Locate your order using one of the following methods:

?) Find the order in the list of Recent Orders and click View.

?) In the panel on the left, choose My Orders. Then, find the order in the list and click View.

  • Click the Refunds tab to view the details of the refund.
  • If the refund was applied to store credit, choose Store Credit in the panel on the left.

The amount refunded to your store credit appears in the list with the date and time of the action.

How to check Magento 2 refund order status online?

To ease the process of checking Magento 2 refund order status online you can use the RMA extension. This will automate the return process for your customers and make your store more user-friendly.

Moreover, it will allow you to:

  • automate the process of returning goods
  • analyze the work of your managers
  • check problem customers and unprofitable goods
  • adjust the terms of return for a specific product
  • communicate with users via chat

You will be able to choose an RMA solution that suits your store from 3 different plans.

How does the Magento 2 refund order process work?

Magento 2 refund order process is needed to provide your customers with quality service. According to the RMA, buyers have the right to return, repair or replace purchased products, as online shoppers are not able to check the purchased product in advance and may face various problems or breakdowns. This return policy varies from store to store.

When can you request an offline Magento refund?

Magento offline refunds can be requested for:
Purchases made by credit card. They can be refunded online or offline.
Purchases made by check or money order. They must be refunded offline.
Before you can print a credit memo, you must create one for the invoiced order. Depending on the payment method, you can issue a refund either online or offline (partial or full) from an open credit memo.

What is Magento 2 product return RMA for?

Magento 2 product return RMA is the permit you give to customers for the return of goods they acquire at your e-store and return merchandise authorization. The procedure of returning and refunding goods is usually described in an RMA Policy.

Magento 2 product return RMA

What are the reasons for Magento 2 Return Order feature use?

Magento 2 Return Order feature is used by customers when: 

  1. Item is defective, broken, of improper quality
  2. The size didn't fit, didn't like the color, the product looked different in the photo than in reality. 
  3. The customer changed his mind.

Magento 2 Return Order

Why Magento 2 returns management is important?

Magento 2 returns management is an important business process of supply chain management and requires a special attitude from the enterprise and logistics management service. With the competent management of reverse (counter) flows it is possible to obtain additional profits and, accordingly, significantly reduce the percentage of returned products.

Magento 2 returns management

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