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How to install Stripe Payment for Magento 2 and its requirements?

Stripe demands:

  • TLS 1.2 - please use this guideline to check if yor Magento instance can use TLS 1.2 . Upgrade instructions included!
  • HTTPS usage - please see our guideline on configuring HTTPS on your Magento instance.
  • stripe/stripe-php library - please see below for step-by-step instruction on obtaining/installing one.

Install Stripe to Magento 2 with Composer

Running the

composer require amasty/module-stripe

SSH command as a part of usual install process (please see our guide) should fetch stripe/stripe-php package properly.

In most cases no additional actions required.

Install without Composer (usual upload)

Before uploading our Stripe extension please run the

composer require stripe/stripe-php

command from Magento root folder. It will download and install stripe/stripe-php library properly without any extra effort.

You can proceed with usual install-by-upload using this guideline afterwards!


'amasty/module-stripe 1.0.0 requires stripe/stripe.php ... no matching package found' error and similar

Solution 1

Please use the

composer require amasty/module-stripe --update-with-all-dependencies

SSH command instead.

Reason: exact version of either amasty/base or stripe/stripe-php is enlisted in your composer.json .

Solution 2

Please open [Magento root folder]/composer.json , locate and remove

"packagist": false,

string, then save this change in this file and re-try install attempt.

Reason: as per official Composer guideline, usage is often disabled, for better performance's sake.

Once stripe/stripe-php has been installed - 'packagist' can be disabled again.

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