What are the Magento 2 optimization techniques?

Magento 2 Optimization Techniques is a set of certain methods and measures to bring the site to a leading position in search engines and ahead of the competition. One of the most effective methods of optimizing loading speeds is to optimize images. 

What are the benefits of the Google PageSpeed image optimizer plugin? 

Google PageSpeed image optimizer plugin is a solution for optimizing your pictures. The service helps improve the quality of content in search results and user satisfaction. Therefore, in addition to having images on the site, it is important that the images load quickly, be attractive, informative, and of high quality.

What are the effects of properly sized images on google page speed?

The effect of properly sized images on Google page speed is huge. Images attract the user's attention, showcase the product, help structure textual content and make information easier to absorb. In addition, images can make a page more relevant and attract additional traffic from search engines if optimized correctly.

How to use Google page speed image optimizer to enhance your store?

Google page speed image optimizer has several features to enhance your store’s performance:

  • Optimize structure of JS, CSS and HTML code
  • Display pages faster with WebP and Lazy loading
  • Resize and crop images for mobile devices
  • Apply JS Bundling and Server Push
  • Use Magento Cloud and CDN
  • Use The built-in AMP functionality

The module allows increasing the loading speed of your pages making your store more friendly for users and search engines, which allows boosting your conversions. It allows analyzing your store’s speed to identify the possible steps to solve all the issues and get the highest positions in SERPs

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