What is Magento MVC?

The Magento MVC architecture is a Model-View-Controller framework that divides an application into 3 components  model, view, and controller. MVC is a way of organizing code that involves separating blocks responsible for different tasks. The purpose of this framework is to separate data access, user interface, and business logic. One block is responsible for the application data, another block is responsible for the appearance, and the third block controls the application. 

What is the type of Magento MVC architecture?

Magento 2 MVC type is configuration-based. This allows you to specify the needed options in your module's configuration file and get started.

The application is divided into three main components, each responsible for different tasks:

The controller manages the user's requests. 

The model gives the controller a view of the data that the user has requested. 

The view provides different ways of representing the data that is derived from a model. It can be a template that is populated with data. There can be several different views, and the controller chooses which one best suits the current situation.

A Web application usually consists of a set of controllers, models, and views.

Besides isolating the views from the application logic, the MVC concept significantly reduces the complexity of large applications. The code is much more structured, making it easier to support, test, and reuse solutions.

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