What is the difference between shipping and billing addresses in Magento 2?

When placing an order on the Magento 2 website, the user needs to fill in shipping and billing addresses. These addresses may be the same for the customer, but they serve different purposes. 

A shipping address is an address where you have to send the order. This address you will pass to the shipping provider and print on the shipping label. And the billing address is connected to the payment method and used to verify the payment. If the billing address is entered incorrectly, the transaction won’t go through.

Billing and shipping addresses are often the same, especially if you work in the B2C market. However, there are situations when they can be different, for example, if the order is a gift. Say the customer wants to make a surprise gift and ship the order directly to someone else. In this case, they use different shipping and billing addresses.

What settings are available in Magento 2?

By default, Users see the selected checkbox “My billing and shipping address are the same” on the 2sd step of Magento 2 checkout. If they want to enter a different billing address, they need to uncheck this checkbox. 

How to move the billing address to a different location on Magento 2 checkout?

To change the location of the billing address on Magento 2 checkout, go to Stores > Settings > Configuration, open the Sales tab on the left, and choose Checkout. Navigate to the Checkout Options section, find the Display Billing Address On field, and set the Payment Method or Payment Page option.

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How to get the shipping address from Magento 2 order?

To find the shipping address of the order, go to Sales > Orders, find the needed order on the grid and open it. In the Information tab, you’ll find the Address Information section with both shipping and billing addresses. Store admins can edit these addresses if needed.

Can customers in Magento 2 use multiple shipping addresses for their orders?

Yes, Magento 2 allows customers to use multiple shipping addresses for their orders. During the checkout process, customers can add and select different shipping addresses for each item or order. This feature is particularly useful for customers who want to ship items to different locations or send gifts to multiple recipients. Magento 2 provides a seamless and convenient way for customers to manage and utilize multiple shipping addresses for their orders.

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