Why choose Magento e-commerce website?

Magento is a platform for e-commerce sites written in PHP. Being open-source, it’s easily customized to your needs. Below we consider the 3 characteristics that make it stand out among other e-commerce CMSs. So why choose Magento?

#1. Reduced load on servers


Comparing the version with the previous, it’s optimized for faster performance. Therefore, choosing Magento 2 for e-commerce store will let you increase the loading speed of your website.


Varnish cache together with HTTP accelerator allows numerous admins to work on the same product without lags and glitches.


Magento 2 allows you to spread the workload among numerous servers of your hosting environment. This will let you avoid big data streams and overloading.

AJAX cart

Based on JS, the upgraded cart lets users add products to cart without page reloading. This not only contributes to faster customer interaction with the page but also reduces the strain on system resources.

#2. Enhanced indexing

Magento 2 offers advanced indexing where all your store data is gathered and converted into index tables that are regularly updated. Magento 2 has also upgraded the operation of the backend, frontend, database flexibility, as well as widgets performance. 

#3. Checkoutless process

As Magento said on their blog, continuously upgrading their platform, they strive to make it almost checkoutless. This means that giving a customer a possibility to check out in one touch is a golden rule for online stores.

Moreover, the platform is very flexible for customization. The proof is the 230+ extensions in our catalog.

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