Why Magento is so slow on localhost? 5 tips for speeding up your Magento 2 website

Magento 2 is an e-commerce platform that is used by many website owners to build user-friendly web stores. But for the site to work quickly, the owners must optimize their Magento 2 store. So, if your Magento 2 site loading speed is slow, then follow these tips:

1. Check all third party extensions

When starting to optimize your Magento 2 website speed, you should check all the third-party extensions that have been installed on your website. Some extensions can slow down your site. It might be a good idea to disable the extension and check the speed.

2. Requirements for the server and its configuration.

The server is a key factor in determining the performance of a website. If the server is not working as expected, you do not have a fast-loading website. Investing in a good hosting provider becomes critical when you have an e-commerce site, so don't go for free or shared hosting.

3. Image optimization

E-commerce sites have many images and banners to grab the attention of users and showcase products. Images can affect website performance. It's important to use compressed images for less data usage and faster page loading. Use JPEG format for images. Use logos on your site in PNG or SVG format.

4. JS and CSS optimization

CSS and JS files help your interface look better. But at the same time, they are one of the main factors slowing down your site's speed. You can minimize the impact in Magento 2 by enabling JS and CSS optimizations:

Go to Store > Configuration > Advanced. In the Advanced tab, click Developer. In the Javascript Settings section, swap the Merge JavaScript Files, Enable JavaScript Bundling, and Minify JavaScript Files values to Yes. After that, change the Merge CSS Files and Minify CSS Files in the CSS Settings to Yes.

5. Magento Optimization Service

If your Magento 2 is very slow on localhost, then the solution might be to use Magento Optimization Service. Experts will audit your store to identify possible causes of the problem and resolve them after your approval. In the end, you will be provided with a 2-month warranty on the work performed.

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