Why use CloudFront for your Magento 2 store?

Looking for ways to improve Magento 2 performance, you might have seen the recommendation to use CloudFront. Let’s see what it is and why to use it.

What is CloudFront?

Amazon CloudFront is a content delivery network (CDN) powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This web service is used to speed up the distribution of images, videos, HTML, CSS, and JS files to your users. It uploads your content to special data centers, also known as edge locations, and when the users click on your website, all the content is delivered from these locations with minimal delay.

What are the benefits of using AWS CloudFront for the Magento 2 store?

Setting up Magento 2 for using AWS CloudFront will help you solve problems with the website loading speed and provide users with a seamless shopping experience. Here are the main challenges you can deal with using CDN:

  • The geographical location of the user can cause the delay if they are far away from the place your Magento 2 server is located. CloudFront loads content from the nearest edge location.
  • Poor server optimization can decrease the performance of your website and image loading speed.
  • Image loading depends on your web server response time that can take longer under load.

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