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How to apply images from simple products as swatches for a configurable product in bulk?

See more details on Color Swatches Pro page
User Guide

Color Swatches Pro extension allows you to present any product attributes as swatches. You can assign images from simple products to any attribute in bulk automatically, so your customers will be able to choose visually all the options of a configurable product on a category, product or search results pages.

Check the 'use from product' in bulk

To check the use image from product box automatically for a particular attribute in every configurable product (the attribute will be displayed as a swatch for all the configurable products), you should create two queries to a database:

ALTER TABLE `amasty_amconf_product_attribute` CHANGE `use_image_from_product` `use_image_from_product` TINYINT(1) UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT '1';

INSERT INTO `amasty_amconf_product_attribute`(product_super_attribute_id)SELECT product_super_attribute_id FROM `catalog_product_super_attribute` where product_super_attribute_id NOT IN(SELECT product_super_attribute_id FROM `amasty_amconf_product_attribute`) AND attribute_id IN (92)*

*Where attribute_id IN (92) are the attributes that you specify.

Note: To define the attributes id, check the URL link.

look for an attribute id

See the attribute_id right after the tag of the same name.  

See more details on Color Swatches Pro page
User Guide
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